It was far enough from our imagination that this band can still survive until now. Back to 1998 when the three 'Musketeers of Darkness', Zaffeerun (Binjai), Nakarazakth (Wan) and Zalzabouth (Lan), from the 'Darkest Part' of a region called Shah Alam decided to perform the most enchanting occult art ever and it just almost a 'Utopia' than a reality. At the beginning of this never-ending journey, they just playing cover songs from some 'Metal Hordes' such as Ryusgnal, Hayagriva, Rotting Christ and some other bands in their jamming session. But their dream became reality in 1999, when Arkhaytul (Kerry) joined this 'horde'. 'It wasn't enough...' Who will sing their songs then??? This 'question' was answered not long after that when Zaffeerun met Seri Gempita (Mizal) and he introduced Zaffeerun with his junior in PPP, UiTM named Emperor Draconis (Pet) in an 'audition' session. Emperor Draconis was then immediately joined this 'horde'. Now the 'horde' had a complete list of it's member, so what to waiting for... make some good music then... Ahhh... before that, a band must have a name... What's a suitable name for this band??? At first we decided to use 'Zirkon' as our band's name. But it's sounds like 'Shit'... and on some gloomy mystical night as we gather around together with Seri Gempita, had came to our mind to use 'Arkhaytulmayt' as our band's name... It was the mixed of two words that is 'Archaic and Mayt (It's corpse in Arabic)'.

The story continued then when we finally released our 1st art of darkness in late 1999 called 'Evening Flight Demo'. There were 3 'Act of Darkness' appeared in this demo called 'Evening Flight', 'Apparition in the Forest of Archaic' and 'Pusaka of the Lord of Forestry' plus one melancholic Instrumental called 'Just the Beginning'. The music arrangement in this demo was totally written by Zafferun and the lyrics was totally produced by Seri Gempita. Sadly to say that this demo sounds like fucking shit... It was because of the sound engineer or in the other words 'Bastard Mother Fucka' treated us like we were criminals or something in his not so famous studio in Section 7, Shah Alam. How can he said "Jangan pukul drum kuat-kuat nanti pecah!!!" (don't hit the drum so hard or it will broken), what a non professional person... Let's talk about the support from our local Metalheads then... We received a numerous supports and critics from our local Metal Supporters for our 1st not so happening demo... and it was sold about 500+/- copies... Lots of interviews and letters comes to us, and sorry to those whom we didn't reply your letter as we got lot's works to do...

For 2 years after, things became so quite... nothing was produced during that long bored times... It becomes more worst as Arkhaytul left the band in 2001 without any reason... (maybe it was a personal secret then... but you are still our good friend forever), At the same time... some issues rises up about 'Black Metal' brought by a 'mother fucka Harian Metro', then accompanies by other news media like 'Berita Harian', 'TV3', and some others spreading 'shits' about the 'Black Metal' movement in our country... Things went more worst when Zaffeerun brought to Police Station and had being asked some stupid questions about 'Black Metal'...

Things got better in 2002 when the 'Black Metal' issue stopped as it was just a propaganda of 'Harian Metro' to take a chance from the issue to rises up their profit of their newspapers sales... and Metalheads can once more again get involved in the scene without any disturbance from the enforcement authority. So as Arkhaytulmayt, we breath again as 'Savartus' joined this band taking up Arkhaytul possiton... and we once again will produced our 2nd act of darkness that probably will release in the end of this year (2002)... 2 songs have been completed and in the phase of practicing its in a jamming studio in Section 18, Shah Alam...

After few month later pet and savartus have left the band because personal problem.Ones again arkhaytulmayt silent about a 6 month because of this fucking line up problem. now arkhaytulmayt became a 3 piece band but the line up problem coma again this time zalzabouth left the band because health problem.Now arkhaytulmayt RIP about a years.

Arkhaytul former band member of arkhaytulmayt meet zaffeerun to tell him how about to regain arkhaytulkmayt back,give the new era of arkhaytulmayt.zafeerun agreed with arkhaytul, then they call back nakarazakh and two new member from shah alam metal ragers gorgomieth and waxs witchell member band from Demonical Crisis Assembly and Arayzia Kingdom.Now new line up of arkahytulmayt:-

Waxs Witchell : Vokilzz

Jai(Zafeerun) : Guitarizz

Gorgomieth : Guitarizz

One(Nakarazakh): Bazz

Kerry(Arkhaytul) : Drumzz

With this new line up their also change their music and influence.Now arkhaytulmayt prepared their new song to their next recording maybe out end of this years. So all metal fan out there just waitng the new era of ARKHAYTULMAYT!!!!!


Scream From Archaic Tombs!!