29/10/2005-ArkhaytulMayt have finish for their 2nd demo and stil waiting for the final mixing in the end of this december.

18/05/2005-New Pictures Update(Shah Alam Metal Gath 5)

09/04/2005-New pictures update(Ingrowing:Sunrise Raping Tours).

28/2/2005-ArkhaytulMayt will play infernal internal mini gigs located at concorde studio promotion
featuring : everlasting tales,cannabis,disgrace,antacid,dirty dogs,oxigen death(replace cattarh),demonical crisis assembly,in torment and arkhaytulmayt.

28/1/2005-If you have any problem due running this site we are sorry,this website is still under massconstruction.

27/1/2005-ArkhaytulMayt still in progress and compose a new song.Just Waiting they new material.

26/1/2005-ArkhaytulMayt now prepared for next show at Focus One club located in Petaling Jaya in front of Wisma PKNS.
ArkhaytulMayt will play with negation,flesh disgorged(singapore),spemblast,nazzaq and ingrowing(rep cezh).

Scream From Archaic Tombs!!